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What Will Happen With Bitcoin Going Into 2020?

While BTC has seen a small resurgence here in the past week or so, the leading cryptocurrency has been on a downward trend in recent months. That doesn’t scare off the truly dedicated crypto investors, however, and of course, they are looking at more digital currencies than just Bitcoin.

There are those investors who still think that Bitcoin leads the way and every other cryptocurrency follows. The market does seem to offer that knowledge quite often, but there’s much more going on than just follow the leader. Trust me, I’m no BTC hater. I like Bitcoin, and I like many other crypto assets as well.

I recently started a crypto bank account with Nexo, and I hold BTC there. Nexo allows you to stake stable coins, and they pay you daily compounded interest. Then there is the fact that they let you borrow against your crypto collateral. So you see, by depositing my BTC, I can withdraw funds without liquidating my digital assets.

I read a post the other day about how even Bitcoin is still in its infancy. We haven’t reached the max circulation just yet, and that is when things could get interesting. This one analyst had said that BTC could even be valued at more than $200k a coin one day. It is the gold of crypto to be sure, at least for now.

No one knows what is going to happen, and this investor wasn’t making a prediction. He was simply making a point that if people thought the $19k per coin valuation was high, that we may not have seen anything yet. There is a chance that BTC could go up much higher, but of course, there is also a chance that Bitcoin could plummet at some point, too. Check out Trade Ides Promo Code official website to learn more about this.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that BTC and other crypto assets will continue to gain value as they find their place in the market? What about all the ERC 20 tokens? With so many of them released last year, it appears that most people are skeptics and have looked more at the fact that many of those token IPOs failed.

Yet when that many projects are kicked off in a crypto marketplace that is still in its infancy, that is going to happen. You have to take into account that the crypto economy has grown substantially, and many of those new projects are thriving. Yet much remains to be seen, and that is just one reason why so many people are excited.

Will the success of these other coins help promote the further success of BTC? You would think that the marketplace is certainly tied together in many ways. Currency traders are certainly in overdrive learning about the opportunities with various pairs. It is certainly interesting, and Bitcoin started it all.

Where will BTC be in 2020? What about the next 5 or 10 years? I bet that it will do anything but fail. That is just my take on Bitcoin.